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The SAILS Advantage

Our services enable clients to reduce non-core functions in order to focus more keenly on speed, building customer relationships and increasing value

Focus Integration
Economies of Scale Total Solutions
Risk Sharing Risk Minimization
Quality Strengthen Control

  • Integration of all tasks that are not part of the clients main line of activity or specialization by taking advantage of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).
  • Minimization of extra managerial staff that wolid be required by the client to handle and coordinate with other private subcontractors or government entities.
  • Enable clients to be more successful in what they do best and help increase sales and market share, develop new products, enhance customer service and satisfaction and expand new markets leading to stronger growth, higher profitability and an increase in share holder value.
  • Reduction of unnecessary costs and boosting efficiency through Business Process Reengineering (BPR), Economics of Scale, which result in reduced operating costs of the client companies.
  • Enable clients to eliminate non-core functions in order to focus more keenly on speed, building customer relationships and increasing value.
  • Identification of subcontractors based on strengths and capability for the required task and reduction of client's interface with subcontractors and other business entities.
  • Sharing of financial risk.
  • Tracking and planning performance as per client's specifications, requirements and standards.
  • Follow up and execution in compliance with high standards (ISO Certified).
  • Strengthen control over business processes through service level agreements, variable cost structure and performance measures specified in the outsourced contract.
  • Streamline business processes, improve operating performance, increase efficiency, productivity and control costs.
  • Incorporate the best leading companies with measures for continuous improvement.

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