Translation Services

Another aspect of SAILS core business is the translation of technical materials into classical and colloquial Arabic. Our technical translation and publication department employs the most qualified translators in our specially designed modern offices in Riyadh. The SAILS translation technique consists of a systematic step-by-step process that ensures uniformity of terms, continuity of concepts, and precise quality control. With SAILS you will receive a comprehensive translation package. Such a package will include an accurate, timely, and high quality translation product and can be delivered in a camera-ready (hard copy), optical disk, or any other electronic format of your choice.

Production of high quality, technically oriented translated material to meet clients need, for orientation purposes and presentations

Committed to excellence and adherence to standard Saudi Arabian Colloquial or Modern Arabic and Technical terminologies.

Use a "Check & Balance" system to audit the translated material in terms of accuracy, precision, adequacy, completeness, checking for redundancy and faulty translation

Provision of excellent library facilities for automated (electronic) and hard copy (printed material) files for review and revision purposes

Delivery of automated text and graphics integrated materials in accordance with project requirements and specifications

Use of a desktop publishing system to provide clients with camera ready masters for publication and production

Provision of cost effective, accurate, complete and efficient documentation and training materials

Unique in-house training capabilities for Saudis in the Translation field