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Read our FAQs on the various aspects of investment in the Kingdom to obtain quick and reliable answers.

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1. What are the types of entry visas to the Kingdom?
2. Is it necessary for an investor or his representative to visit the Saudi Embassy/ Consulate to apply for a visa? Or is it possible to obtain the visa via post?
3. Is it possible to speed-up the visa requirement formalities in emergency cases?
4. What is the percentage of partnership required for becoming an investor, and accordingly, benefit from all services and incentives provided to the foreign investors?
5. What are the charges of Foreign Investment License?
6. Do the GCC nationals have more incentives compared to other foreigners?
7. Is there a limit to the number of partners at the registration of a foreign investment company?
8. Is SAGIA License Regulation controlled by the company registration in the Kingdom?
9. Should the foreign owned company also have to comply with the Saudization percentage directed by the Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs?
10. Does the date of license start from the date of payment of license fee or from the date of activation?
11. Is one "letter of interest" enough to support more than one license?
12. Can we apply for more than one license at one time?
13. Does SAGIA give any permit to establish an investment company in Saudi Arabia that would vend financial bonds for some provincial public projects?
14. I am a non-Saudi resident interested in investing as a foreign investor. Can I do so?
15. If a person is employed by the Saudi government, can his/her spouse invest in the country in a business then change his/her status from dependant to self-employed?
16. Does SAGIA require the investor to open a bank account to transfer the minimum capital requirement into Saudi Arabia?
17. Does SAGIA issue permits in the field of high school education?
18. Can an investor use capital-required money once the company registration is received? And is there any restriction on the withdrawal or use of this money?
19. Can the investor start an engineering consultancy in the Saudi Arabia?
20. Whether training (which includes teaching languages) or consulting institute can obtain license through SAGIA or should it be reviewed and approved by the Ministry of Education?
21. What is the highest foreign share that a partner can own in a mobile or fixed operator?
22. What are the sectors of economy available for investors and can be licensed by "SAGIA"? and what is the minimum capital requirement needed for each activity.
23. How much time is needed to complete the formalities for obtaining a visa?
24. What are the documents required for obtaining family visa?
25. Is it permissible to use Business visa for employment purposes?
26. Is there any minimum wage?
27. Are there trade unions and worker associations in the Kingdom?
28. How can workers/professionals be hired?
29. Can the foreign investor sponsored by his licensed project, keep his passport and finalize the procedures for himself and his family members at the passport department by himself ?
30. If the resident owns two (or more) investment licensed projects, will his sponsorship be on one or both of these?
31. What are the percentage of taxes imposed on the foreign investor and the Saudi partner? Are there any tax incentives offered to the foreign investor in case of establishing a joint venture with a Saudi national or company?
32. How to fulfill the capital requirements, should it be monetary or in kind? Is the resident foreign investor required to bring capital from outside the Kingdom?
33. Is the company commercial naming process, controlled by the regulation in effect at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry?
34. If we bring any machinery from out side on lease basis, can we transfer lease payment through the bank or does it require permission from Sagia? (For some equipment there is no dealer in Saudi Arabia or they don't have leasing system)
35. Do we need another license or do we need to pay extra if we open more branches in other cities?
36. Do we need another license or pay extra, if we open more branches in the same city?
37. How can I get a contractor classification (Tasneef) in order to participate in Government tenders?
38. Are there any annual fees after registration?
39. Is registration fee refundable?

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