P.O.Box: 90872
Riyadh, 11623
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel:  +966 11 479 4147
Fax: +966 11 476 6259

Email: info@sails.net

About Us

SAILS (Saudi Arabian Integrated Logistics Systems) is a concierge services company established in Saudi Arabia to aid Western and Saudi companies in both the government and commercial sectors. SAILS was started in Saudi Arabia, by Saudi Nationals, is totally Saudi owned and managed by a skilled combination of Saudi and Western talent. This team was formed to take advantage of the best knowledge and technology available to manage the specific projects and customers with which we work. SAILS is centrally located in Riyadh, which places us in the ideal location to support your Kingdom-wide activities.

Human Resources, Logistic & Administrative Affairs, Business Office Support, Facility Maintenance and Site Support, Government Relations, Personnel Support Services, Travel Services, Procurement, Translation, Vehicle Lease, Accounting Support, Janitorial Services etc. are the few examples of SAILS' diversified services.

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